First of all, I believe your photos should tell your story.
Whether it’s a big event, like a wedding or an everyday-life family portrait. In addition to capturing the most important moments of your life, such as your first kiss, the exchanging of rings, the act of baptism and so on, my job is to weave a fine fabric from all those details that are not visible at first, those details caught in the loving looks of your closest and dearest, a hidden tear in the corner of an eye, seemingly small and unimportant, but very important little things. All major events in life consist of parts, big and small, and only when taken altogether do those parts form a whole. For me, photographing your special occasions is not just about taking photos, but capturing wonderful memories: photos that will remind you how you felt in that moment. My job is to make things easier for you on the day, not make them harder. My aim is to establish a friendly relationship with you and build a trust between us that will last, not only for the duration of your special day, but also later, whenever you will need a trusted photographer.
Photographic work is not easy. A great responsibility lies in the hands of the photographer as he tries to tell the story of your most important day, documenting the main events while capturing the unexpected and spontaneous moments, the connection between couples, not just the newlyweds, but also their families and friends and noticing the light, colours, tender moments, laughter, joy, tears and hugs… To react quickly to every situation, to carefully follow what is happening, to be dedicated and innovative while trying to tell a special and beautiful story – your story – is a great challenge! A single second can contain a thousand words and emotions. But it is a great privilege to immortalize someone else’s memories forever with one’s own gaze, with the goal of taking timeless photos that will last and always hold a special place, and make your clients immensely happy. Such a job requires skill – the photographer needs to be a photojournalist, a portrait photographer, a fashion photographer, an artist. And not only does he need to click with his camera, but with people as well.